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Summary 1994.

Radio Club Ludbreg 9A1EZA was founded by Zvonimir Jany, Krunoslav Perin and Milan Molnar on 29th July 1954.
The Club operated very well, with few occasional difficulties up to 1962 when all the organized activities had to stop because the members could not provide suitable premises. The Club was reactivated in 1966 thanks to Antun Matijašec who was later appointed the Club Secretary and performed the same responsible duties for years to come.
A few enthousiasts and excellent amateurs joined the Club at the time and two of them, Ivan Marcijan and Nevenko Brcković still represent the backbone of the Club.
The regular financial subsidy of the Council of Ludbreg was also secured at the time by Antun Matijašec.
Two years later the modern equipment  was provided  and the Club members achieved the remarquable results in all categories of the radio amatuer activities.The younger operators have been in the best possible way flying the flag of the radio amateurism and of the Club in Croatia, former Yugoslavia and Europe under the skilful and professional guidance of Ivan Marcijan and Nevenko Brcković.
The Club becomes well known in the field of Amateur Radio Direction Finding ("Fox Hunt") which started to develop in Ludbreg in 1972 and the Club members have been very succesful ever since achieving the top results in the field.
Until the mid-eighties Radio Club Ludbreg is the only one in Croatia to be active in this category. The best achievement of Ludbreg "Fox Hunters" was the First Prize won by Zvonko Magić in 1982 in Hungary at the Junior International Championship.
Apart from the success in Amateur Direction Finding and the short wave radio communication, one has to mention the obtaining of several of the most appreciated world known Amateur Radio Awards the few of which are the following: 5BDXCC, WAJA 21 MHz, JCC-300, WPX, 5BWAC, 5BWAZ.
In the beginning of the 80 s, while continuing the work on short wave bands, the operators, following the general tendencies in radio amateurism, pay more and more attention to work on 144 MHz.
The new modern equipment and the construction of the new antenna system enabled the MS, sporadic E and AURORA which contributed and emphasized a new orientation in the development of the Club.
Radio Club Ludbreg is again among the best in Croatia in MS with over 600 completed radio contacts from different locations. On 19th December 1980, an operator Velimir Jež-Piki established the first contact in the history of radio amateurism in the South Europe using the reflexion of AURORA. In December 1989, after time- consuming preparations and technical completion of the equipment Ivan Marcijan succeded to establish the first contact on 144 MHz with American Radio Amateur KB8RQ using the Moon as the passive reflector.
Apart from all the previously mentioned achievements, from 1990 onwards, on three consecutive occasions, Ludbreg radio amateurs organized the Croatian National Championship in Amateur Radio Direction Finding which proves the Club s unmatched organizational capabilities.
Owing to hard and dedicated work of numerous club members and understanding of the local Council, the Club has at its disposal nicely furnished and well equipped premises covering 84 square meters on the first floor of the Bathany Castle. They comprise: a classroom where both theory and practical courses take place, a workshop where the electronic equipment is made, HF premises, VHF premises and a storeroom. According to the latest records the Club gathers 67 members, 5 of which are "A" class operators, 16 "B" class operators, 25 "C" class operators and 2 "D" class operators; the Amateur Radio Direction Finding Section gathers 22 members while 7 members contribute their active involvement in the technical activity.
Ludbreg Radio Club s future plans involve the creation of the best possible financial and technical conditions to enable the operation by using the reflexion of the Moon on higher frequencies (UHF, SHF). This will be possible by using the already existing preconditions like the quality antenna system as well as the nicely arranged location on the nearby mountain Ivančica, 1061 m high.
Owing to the continuous activity from 1966 the present day quality in development has been reached and it is not just empty talk if one says that during all this time work, order and responsibility have reigned among the Club members preceded by the endless love for radio amateurism. All the activities have been carefully and conscientiously planned and carried out according to the agreements of the Club Executive Council represented by: Nevenko Brcković - chairman, Zvonko Magić - deputy chairman, Ivan Marcijan - secretary, Council members Željko Biškup, Ivan Potočki, Željko Roščić, Damir Špikić, Dražen Nofta who is in charge of the Radio Amateur Station 9A1EZA, Dražen Brzaj who is in charge of the Radio Amateur Station 9A1CMT, as well as the rest of the hard working and dedicated members of the Radio Club Ludbreg.

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